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Webb School Central Library Home: Library Policies

 General Library Rules

•    All school and classroom rules apply in the library.
•    Water bottles with lids are allowed.
•    No food is allowed. 
•    Students in the library should always be respectful of other students and classes using the library.

 Policies For Students

Item How Long Can I renew? Late fee
Books & audiobooks 2 weeks Yes None
eBooks 2 weeks No, but you may recheck them None
Magazines 3 days Yes None
DVD 3 days Yes None

Students may check out 5 items at a time. Students can renew books over email twice, and to renew a third time students must bring the book to the library.
Students will receive a reminder email 2 days before an item is due, the day after an item is due, and a reminder each week the item is overdue.


Lost Books

If a student believes they have lost a book, they should notify the library immediately to avoid accumulating more late fines. Students are responsible for replacing the book. The student may replace the book in one of two ways:

  1. Pay the library for the cost of the book.
  2. Bring in a new copy of the book. 

 Policies for Teachers

Item How Long Can I renew? Late fee
Books & Audiobooks 4 weeks Yes n/a
eBooks 2 weeks No n/a
Magazines 7 days No n/a
DVD 4 weeks Yes n/a

Faculty may also check out AV material for the academic year.

 Other Library Policies

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