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Webb School Central Library Home: About the Library

 Library Staff

Head Librarian

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Kate Lewallen
9800 Webb School Dr
Knoxville, TN 37923
(865) 291-3813


 About the Library

Located in the Central Building, the Central Library serves middle and upper school students and the faculty and staff of Webb School. The library supports the philosophy and educational goals of Webb School to fully nurture the potential of each individual and prepare students to serve as leaders in tomorrow’s world by focusing on three things:

  • Information Literacy
    • Information literacy is the ability to effectively find, evaluate, and use information across all media and disciplines, all vital skills in our complex 21st century information landscape.
  • Diverse Collections
    • The library strives to meet the individual educational, emotional, and recreational needs of students by maintaining a collection full of diverse viewpoints in a variety of formats such as books, ebooks, audiobooks, and online databases.
  • Curricular Support & Collaboration
    • The library strives to support Webb School teachers by providing curriculum materials and resources and collaborating across grades and disciplines to enrich lessons with information literacy skills.

General Library Rules

•    All school and classroom rules apply in the library.
•    Water bottles with lids are allowed.
•    No food is allowed. 
•    Students in the library should always be respectful of other students and classes using the library.

 Policies For Students

Item How long do I have it? Can I renew?
Books & audiobooks on CD 3 weeks (US), 2 weeks (MS) Yes
eBooks 3 weeks No, but you can recheck it out
Magazines 3 days Yes
DVD 3 days Yes
Students may check out 5 items at a time. Students can renew items through email or in person. Students can renew books through email or in person.
Students will receive a reminder email 2 days before an item is due, the day after an item is due, and a reminder each week the item is overdue.

Lost & Damaged Books

If a student believes they have lost a book, they should notify the library immediately to avoid accumulating more late fines. Students are responsible for replacing the book if it is lost or if it is damaged beyond what the library can repair. The student may replace the book in one of two ways:
  1. Pay the library for the cost of the book.
  2. Bring in a new copy of the book. 

Policies for Teachers

Item How long do I have it? Can I renew?
Books & audiobooks on CD 4 weeks Yes
eBooks 2 weeks No, but can be rechecked
Magazines 7 days Yes
DVD 4 weeks Yes

Faculty may also check out AV material for the academic year.

 Other Policies

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